Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beginning Readers

WHAT WILL I BE? by Nicola Davies with illustrations by Marc Boutavant (Candlewick 2012) is a lift the flap book that takes readers from egg to bird or turtle or caterpillar and then to butterfly. After readers have the chance to guess what the animal will be, they lift the flap to confirm. Then, the following DPS shows the life cycle of the animal in question. <169>

UP1 TALL! AND HIGH! by Ethan Long (Putnam 2012) is subtitled BUT NOT NECESSARILY IN THAT ORDER. It has flaps that lift to show birds flying high, seeing who is tallest, and determining who is up the highest. Lots of interactive fun and a surprise or two for young readers. <170>

I'M FAST by Kate and Jim McMullan (Balzer and Bray 2012) will delight fans of I'M BIG and I STINK as this book continues in the tradition already established. A fancy red race car challenges a freight train to a race. Which vehicle will be able to maneuver its way to the finish line first? <171>


  1. I always enjoy interactive books because students become really interested...It's like 3D!

  2. What will I be?
    THis sounds like a great book to add to the spring collection for butterflies, bugs and things.

  3. I already love "What Will I Be?" after only reading your description! I can picture it as a fabulous flap book for my young nephew, as well as a great book for science in younger grades since it explores the life cycles of the animals.

  4. Gotta love the lift the flap books! Kids get a kick out of checking what is under the flap!

  5. I want "What Will I Be?" for my own collection!!