Saturday, April 28, 2012

Simple not simplistic

THE SHARK KING by R. Kikuo Johnson (Toon 2012) is a GN version of an Hawaiian fable. A young woman searching for food is suddenly swamped by a wave. She is rescued by a strange man who tells her of the Shark God. They fall in love and have a child who is the son of the Shark God. He must keep his identity hidden as mortals cannot comprehend how someone can be shark and man without being a danger. The tips for sharing comics at the end is something that should be shared with parents and teachers. <216>

MOO HOO by Candace Ryan with illustrations by Mike Lowery (Walker 2012) is a perfect book for beginning readers. Cow and Owl (Moo and Hoo) are friends. Along comes a kangaroo who tries to join the two. Howe3ver, Cow and Owl rebuff Roo at first. They regret their actions (boo hoo) and ask Roo to join them. <217>

THE DUNDERHEADS BEHIND BARS by Paul Flesichman with illustrations by David Roberts (Candlewick 2012) reunites the Dunderheads, this time to free Spider from jail where he is wrongfully imprisoned. A combination of Spanky and Our Gang, Hardy Boys, and more, the story is fast paced. From Miss Breakbone, the teacher to Ashley Throbb-Hart the movie star, there are absurdities galore for those who visit the Dunderheads. <218>

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