Thursday, April 12, 2012

Steering in a new direction, graphically speaking

TEEN BOAT by Dave Roman and John Green (Clarion, May 2012) presents readers with one of the most unusual protagonists in recent memory: a teen who can transform himself into a boat. Teen Boat seems rather ordinary until he gets wet accidentally or wishes to transform. Then, presto barnacle change-o: he is a boat. This is a power that can come in handy but can also be a bit problematic at other moments. In a series of related "chapters," readers will follow the adventures of Teen Boat in Venice on a school field trip, at a party that becomes more of an incident in international waters, and even at a school assembly. Lots of nautical humor combines with the angst of unrequited love complicated by the need of a teen to fit in. <185>


  1. Strange premise...but how can you not trust John Green?

  2. Adventurous, thinks outside the box, and captivating = John Green :)