Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Picture Book Animals

SECRET AGENT SPLAT! by Rob Scotten (Harper 2012) brings back our erstwhile hero, Splat the cat. This time is is on the case, trying to figure out why Dad's wooden ducks go missing only to reappear without beaks the following day. Aided by his companion, Splat follows the clues to discover the culprit. <205>

NO BEARS by Meg McKinlay with illustrations by Leila Rudge (Candlewick 2012) is about Ella. Ella loves books except books with BEARS. She believes bears need to be banished from all books. And so Ella begins to compose her own story, one without bears, of course. However, when a monster appears in the story unbidden, someone will have to come to the rescue. Part of the humor in this book is, of course, in the illustrations. <206>

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