Wednesday, October 10, 2012

F for Effort (and for Funny!)

F FOR EFFORT by Richard Benson. Chronicle Books, 2012.

Subtitled MORE OF THE VERY BEST TOTALLY WRONG TEST ANSWERS, this is a book that every teacher should have if only to raise your spirits on one of THOSE days (you know what I mean). Try these on:

"The teacher likes to snivel around on a black chair in his office."

"I love J.K Rolling. She is my heroin."

"We are taking my little sister to see Satan this weekend."

Or, in response to the question about why milk is given to a child who has ingested poison: "To make them happy before they die."

Correct the sentence: The toast was drank in silence. "The toast was eat in silence."

Name 3 relative pronouns: Aunt, Uncle, Brother.

Tie these books (this is #2) to Richard Lederer's ANGUISHED ENGLISH. <547>

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