Monday, October 15, 2012

Mystery and Magic

OSTRICH AND LARK by Marilyn Nelson with illustrations by San Artists of the Kuru Art Project of Botswana. Boyds Mills Press, 2012.

Ostrich and Lark enjoy one another's company. As soon as the sun rises, the two join up and spend their day exploring and eating. While Lark raises his voice in song, Ostrich remains silent. Finally, Ostrich finds his own voice. The illustrations, by different members of the art community of Botswana, are lushly colorful and a perfect accompaniment to this folk tale. <557>

SNOWMAN MAGIC by Katherine Tegen with illustrations by Braqndon Dorman. Harper, 2012.

George stays home from school and builds a fabulous snowman, one that comes to life. The two find much to do on a crisp winter day. As the weather warms, Snowman begins to fade. However, a new snowfall means George can rebuild his new friend. <558>

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