Wednesday, October 24, 2012

From silly to silent

UNSPOKEN by Henry Cole. Scholastic 2012.

Subtitled A STORY FROM THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD, Coles pencil illustrations tell the story of two lives that intersect on a farm. One is a young girl, the other an escaped slave. The art speaks volumes and allows readers to tell the story in their own words. What an incredible way to introduce this history to even the youngest of readers. <575>

THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN by Jon Agee. Scholastic/ MDC Books 2012.

A rather unusual man flags a taxi and asks to be taken to Schmeeker Street. It is a street "on the other side of town," he constantly reassures the puzzled cab driver. Lots of good humor here. The humor will be even more pronounced if kids know the streets, bridges, etc. whose names are just a little different on the other side of town. <576>

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