Sunday, October 28, 2012

Red Pyramid

RED PYRAMID, THE GRAPHIC NOVEL by Rick Riordan, adapted by Orpheus Collar. Disney Hyperion, 2012.

Small confession: I had not read this series. However, after reading the GN version of Book #1, I am placing them all on my TBR list. Welcome to the world of brother and sister, Sadie and Carter. They have lived apart from one another following the death of their mother. Carter lives with their father and Sadie with her grandparents. Now the two will join forces with their father to defeat the ferocious god Set who was unleashed by Professor Kane. The two children will discover much about themselves and the abilities they possess as godlings. Lots of action, brief spurts of exposition and dialogue move this story forward rapidly. Here is a terrific way to introduce the series to kids who might be intimidated without the GN version. <580>

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