Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho!

CHARLIE AND THE CHRISTMAS KITTY by Ree Drummond with illustrations by Diane deGroat. Harper, 2012.

Charlie, the best dog ranch hand around, is supervising the preparations for Christmas from the coziness of his bed. When he awakens on Christmas morning, he is greeted by what he first thinks in a rabbit but soon learns is a new kitty. At first, Charlie ignores the rambunctious kitten. Later, of course, the two become inseparable. <532>

THE BERENSTAIN BEARS' OLD-FASHIONED CHRISTMAS by Jan and Mike Berenstain. Harper, 2012.

Grandpa declares that this Christmas will be an old-fashioned one: no watching TV. There will be singing of carols (many of them with lyrics included in the book) and cutting down of trees and other preparations. The kids join in the festivities and declare that an old-fashioned Christmas is wonderful. <533>

PETE THE CAT SAVES CHRISTMAS by Eric Litwin with illustrations by James Dean. Harper, 2012.

Pete the Cat is back, and thank heavens for that. It seems as though Santa is down for the count with an awful cold. It will be up to Pete the Cat to deliver all the toys in time for Christmas. Though he is small, Pete is determined to succeed. A downloadable song about Pete's heroics is here:


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