Saturday, December 15, 2012

Easy Reading

DIXIE WINS THE RACE by Grace Gilman with illustrations by Jacqueline Rogers. Harper 2012.

Part of the I Can Read series, Level 1, this easy to read book is about Dixie who just cannot stand on the sidelines while her owner is running a relay race. <648>


Here is another I Can Read book, this one meant to be a shared reading experience (read aloud to a child). Henry and his family travel through the snow and ice to go skating. <649>

MITTENS AT SCHOOL by Lola M. Schafer with illustrations by Susan Kathleen Hartung. Harper 2012.

This I Can Read Book (Level 1) shows what happens when Mittens the cat gets loose before show and tell and wreaks havoc at school. <650>

TICK TOCK CLOCK by Margery Cuyler with illustrations by Robert Neubecker. Harper 2012.

This I Can Read book is good for reinforcing phonics in emerging readers. Twin girls wear out their guardian for the day with all of their antics around the clock. <651>

NEVER TRUST A TIGER: A STORY FROM KOREA by Lari Don with illustrations by Melanie Williamson. Barefoot Books 2012.

The Early Reader series offers some folk tales from other countries like this one from Korea. A good Samaritan rescues a tiger from a pit. The tiger then decides to devour his rescuer. Fortunately, all ends well (at least for the Samaritan). <652>

THE TORTOISE'S GIRFT: A STORY FROM ZAMBIA by Lari Don with illustrations by Melanie Williamson. Barefoot Books 2012.

From Zambia comes the story of a remarkable tree that holds food for all the animals of the jungle. In order to call the fruit forward, though, one must call the tree by name. One by one, animals set off to learn the name of the tree. The plodding tortoise is the one who is ultimately successful. <653>

TUGG AND TEENY: THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR by J. Patrick Lewis with illustrations by Christopher Denise. Part of the I Am a Reader series, this book tells of the friendship between Tugg the gorilla and Teeny the monkey. <654>

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