Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Solving Problems

LULU WALKS THE DOGS by Judith Viorst with illustrations by Lane Smith. Atheneum, 2012.

Lulu wants to make some money. She decides to go into the dog walking business. Of course, she knows nothing about walking dogS, but how hard can it be? Fleischman will come to the rescue but Lulu ignores his desire to help until things get way out of control. <665>


Everyone in Zeke's class in enamored of the puppet pals, little animal puppets that fit onto the fingers. Zeke thinks they are rather stupid and would rather be playing games. But the putrid puppet pals seem to have turned all of his friends into puppet zombies. Can he convince his friends to abandon their collections? What is the appeal anyhow? <666>

THE MILO AND JAZZ ADVENTURES: THE DIAMONDS IN THE DEAK by Lewis B. Montgomery with illustrations by Amy Wummer. The Kane press 2012.

When Milo discovers a diamond necklace in his desk at school, he immediately thinks of the recent jewelry store heist. Could the robbers be using the school as a hide out? Is his teacher in cahoots with the gang? He and his pal Jazz must follow the clues to solve the crime. <667>

JASPER JOHN DOOLEY: STAR OF THE WEEK by Caroline Adderson with illustrations by Ben Clanton. Kids Can Press 2012.

Jasper is psyched to be the Star of the Week at school. It comes with some great benefits including getting to wear a star all day. But if he gets into trouble will it mean the end of his stardom? Jasper is concerned. <668>

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