Friday, December 7, 2012

Let's Hear it for the Girls! Part One

KATIE WOO RULES THE SCHOOL by Fran Manuskin. Capstone, 2012.

Somehow when Katie's life hands her lemons, she manages to make lemonade. She loses the class pet only to find it again in the backpack of her arch nemesis. She gets the part of the worm in the school play but still ends up a star. Katie Woo really does rule the school. <636>

KYLIE JEAN SINGING QUEEN by Marci Peschke. Capstone, 2012.

When Kylie learns that there will be a talent contest at the fair, she is not sure which of her talents to use. She decides on a song and a snappy outfit and enters the competition feeling supremely confident. How could someone possibly be any better? <637>

LIBBY OF HIGH HOPES by Elise Primavera. Simon and Schuster, 2012.

It is the end of the school year, and Libby is dismayed to see that her teacher has written a comment on Libby's report card. Libby, it seems, does not live up to her potential. But summer awaits, and perhaps Libby can find something that she will demonstrate her full potential. A chance meeting with a horse might prove to be just the ticket. <638>

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