Saturday, December 8, 2012

Various and Sundry

BUILDING UP: A CELEBRATION OF BUILDING by Christy Hale. Lee and Low 2013.

Great architecture
Can be recreated with
Ordinary things. <697>

THE FRAZZLE FAMILY FINDS A WAY by Ann Bonwill with illustrations by Stephen Gammell. Holiday House 2013.

The Frazzle Fam'ly
Can be very forgetful
But they find a way. <698>

DIRTY GERT by Tedd Arnold. Holiday House, 2013.

Gert loves to play in
dirt. She even eats the dirt.
Maybe she'll grow roots? <699>

JEMMY BUTTON by Jennifer Uman with illustrations by Valerio Vidali. Templar 2013.

Jemmy Button lives
On an island happily
He'd prefer to stay. <700>

LITTLE TUG by Stephen Savage. Roaring Brook Press, 2013.

Tug pulls and pushes
Helps the bigger boats to find
Their way out to sea. <701>

ANOTHER NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM by Milan Trenc. Holt, 2013.

The museum at night
Comes alive with sights unseen
During the day time. <702>

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