Sunday, December 9, 2012

Narrative Nonfiction: Biography and History

WHO SAYS WOMEN CAN'T BE DOCTORS: THE STORY OF ELIZABETH BLACKWELL by Tanya Lee Stone with illustrations by Marjorie Priceman. Holt 2013.

A perfect picture book to share with kids about the determination of one woman to become the first female doctor. This slice of life biography takes Blackwell from childhood to her graduation from medical school. Contemporary students need to see examples of those who came before and fought for rights. Here is a good place to start. <708>

HENRY AND THE CANNONS by Don Brown. Roaring Brook Press, 2013.

After the British occupied Boston, Washington knew that he needed some heavy artillery to force them out again. He wished he could have the cannons at hand. Thanks to the planning and dedication of Henry Knox, the cannons were transported to Boston where they caused the British to flee. The work of ordinary citizens during the Revolution shows how there were many people who played important roles in the battle for freedom. <709>

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