Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blurring Lines

AFRICA IS MY HOME: A CHILD OF THE AMISTAD by Monica Edinger with illustrations by Robert Byrd. Candlewick, 2013.

Here is a book, based squarely on much detail and research and fact, that takes readers into a story of one of the children transported aboard the Amistad. Part history, part nonfiction part story, readers will meet Margru, a young girl who is transported to America as a slave and who manages to return to Africa eventually as a teacher. Edinger has fashioned a story that reminds us all of the squallid conditions and harsh treatment of those captured and held as slaves. The lines between genres and forms and formats are creating wonderfully new books for readers of all ages; this is certainly one to share aloud with students. Robert Byrd's illustrations, soft and pastel, reveal yet another story underneath the traditional narrative, too.

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