Tuesday, April 2, 2013

quick takes

BEN RIDES ON by Matt Davies. Roaring Brook Press, 20113.

When Ben's new bike is taken away by a bully, all Ben can think of is revenge. But Ben must make a difficult decision when the bully gets into danger.

GIDDY-UP, DADDY! by Troy Cummongs. RANDOM HOUSE, 2013.

Dad is so good at giving horse back rides that he and the kids are suddenly transported to all manner of adventures including the Wild West and a circus. Giddy Up!

I HAIKU YOU by Betsy Snyder. Random House, 2013.

Simple haikus show the different ways we show one another our love. Whether it is friend to friend or owner to dog ot some other combination, the haiku can express our feelings.

WHO NEEDS LOVE? by Elise Primavera with illustrations by Laura Park. Robin Corey Books, 2013.

When a tree loses his magic coin, he offers the finder something that lasts forever. No one can think of the value of giving the coin back to the tree. Two alligators find, however, that something like love that lasts is more precious than any money.

Pretty Penny, she the guru of spending money wisely, comes to the aid of Bunny when a burst pipe means they might not have enough money to make ends meet.

THIS IS OUR HOUSE by Hyweon Yum. FSG, 2013.

All the memories of a house are presented in simple text. From stoops to stairs to windows and doors, there is much to be cherished in this place the family calls HOME.

IF YOU WANT TO SEE A WHALE by Julie Fogliano with illustrations by Erin Stead. Roaring Brook Press, 2013.

A boy and is dog dream of one day seeing a whale. How might they accomplish this rather fantastic feat?

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