Monday, April 22, 2013

The Trevor Project

TREVOR by James Lecesne. Seven Stories Press, 2012.

This novella is based on the play and movie THE TREVOR PROJECT developed by Lecesne. Trevor is a teen struggling against the perceptions of others. His parents seem to have become inured against his sometimes dramatic faking of his death. His friends split into two camps. One camp tells him not to be so "gay," while another group urge him to come out and admit his homosexuality. School is torture after his best friend Pinky no longer wants to have anything to do with Trevor. Now someone has etched the word "faggot" into his locker. This brief glimpse into the heart and mind of Trevor offers no easy answers. Instead, it demonstrates the concerns, hopes, and thoughts of one young man facing the prejudices of others. An appendix lists resources for LGBTQ teens.

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