Sunday, April 21, 2013

The return of Moose

AL CAPONE DOES MY HOMEWORK by Gennifer Choldenko. August, 2013.

Moose and his mates are back in another adventure mystery set on Alcatraz in the 1930s, the days of Al Capone’s imprisonment there. When Moose’s dad is promoted, there are hard feelings among both the guards and the inmates. So, when the family’s apartment catches fire, Moose is certain it is the fault of someone upset with the promotion. Unfortunately, there are other residents of the Alcatraz employee housing that believe the fire is the fault of Moose’s sister, Natalie, a young woman who today would be diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, but then was just seen as someone dangerous. In order to clear his sister’s name, Moose must enlist the help of the other kids who live on Alcatraz. And a cryptic note, ostensibly from Al himself, might just be the pivotal clue in this mystery. Though the book is third in the series, it will stand alone. However, the reading is so much richer if you have read the other two titles. Choldenko combines mystery with a good helping of humor.

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