Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Catching Up and Falling Behind

LAIKA ASTRONAUT DOG by Owen Davey. Templar, 2013.

Join abandoned Laika as she is adopted, trained, and launched into space. Based on the story of the first dog in space, this story ends much more happily for Laika.

MITCHELL GOES BOWLING by Hallie Durand with illustrations by Tony Fucile.

Mitchell loves to knock things (and people) over. How can his parents channel all that energy? BOWLING! Before long, Mitchell is heaving his ball down the alley. But why don't the pins fall like they do when Dad bowls? Mitchell is frustrated until Dad comes up with a solution.

CAPTAIN CAT by Inga Moore. Candlewick Press, 2013.

When a ship full of cats reaches an island full of mice, it seems a match made in Heaven. Captain Cat reluctantly leaves his friends the cats behind but returns to his home much richer. Still, jewels cannot compete with his furry friends. Captain Cat must return.

MAPS by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinski. BIG Picture Press, 2013.

Fifty-two maps contain tons of information about the countries, information beyond the usual to the quite unusual.

PECK PECK PECK by Lucy Cousins.

A father woodpecker instructs his son on the family business. Before long, holes are being bored everywhere. Die cuts lead from one page to the next and the next.

WHIZZ! POP! GRANNY, STOP by Tracey Corderoy with illustrations by Joe Berger. Nosy Crow, 2013.

Granny has some unusual, er, talents. But more often than not, her magical goes awry. So, her granddaughter begs for just one day without spells and wands, an ordinary birthday.

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