Friday, February 17, 2012

critter stories

THE YIPPY, YAPPY YORKIE IN THE GREEN DOGGY SWEATER by Debbie Macomber and Mary Lou Carney with illustrations by Sally Anne Lambert (Harper 2012) is about moving to a new place. Ellen has just moved to a new neighborhood and is not sure she likes the change. Her dog, Baxter, manages to escape from the yard and off Ellen goes with her mother to find him. Along the way, Ellen discovers that there are some nice people to come to know in her new neighborhood. <67>

LITTLE BEA AND THE SNOWY DAY by Daniel Roode (Greenwillow 2012) is about Bea and her friends and making snow angels and drinking hot chocolate, and generallyy having fun in the snow. <68>


  1. Little Bea sounds like a perfect read for today's weather.

  2. THE YIPPY, YAPPY YORKIE IN THE GREEN DOGGY SWEATER reminds me of a time when my aunt moved to an apartment complex and her yorkie terrier ran off. She found her a few days later at a neighbors house who had been caring for the dog. My aunt and her neighbor became good friends after that.

  3. The description of Little Bea is giving me an inkling for some hot chocolate on this chilly Sunday!