Monday, February 6, 2012

new nonfiction series

Scholastic has a new series of nonfiction books for young readers entitled "Discover More." In addition to the individual titles in the series, each book also has a free digital book download that extends the contents of the traditional book itself. Here are three titles from the series.

SEE ME GROW by Penelope Arlon (Scholastic 2012) looks at various species and how they grow. Sharks, rabbits, bees, alligators, and more are in separate "chapters" accompanied by clear, detailed photographs and other visuals. The free download for this book is called SEE ME GROW FUN! A code is provided within the book for the download. <48>

PENGUINS by Penelope Arlon (Scholastic 2012) examines the lives of penguins. Chapters are devoted to the different species of penguins and their habitats and habits. The photography in incredible in each of the books in this series. <49>

FARM by Penelope Arlon (Scholastic 2012) looks at life on farms of many types. Farm equipment, machines, animals, and much more fill the chapters in this book intended for very young readers. <50>

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  1. I'm always looking for small non-fiction books for my emergent readers. They seem to be drawn towards the non-fiction and I never seem to have enough!