Thursday, February 16, 2012

Citizen Scientists

Loree Griffin Burns' CITIZEN SCIENTISTS: BE A PART OF SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY FROM YOUR OWN BACKYARD (Holt 2012) is a prime example of the power of narrative nonfiction. Burns explains how ordinary people, including children and teens, can play an essential role in the study of nature and the environment. From bird watching (and counting) to tagging butterflies, to tracking ladybugs, we can all help scientists by providing much needed data. Data about migration, about species variation, and other factors might assist scientists in their studies of species and their habitats. Burns accomplishes all this in a straightforward narrative that describes the efforts of these citizen scientists and then offers suggestions to readers about how to become involved. Detailed appendices provide more information as well. <163>

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  1. Thanks for posting some nonfiction book information. With the new TEKS so focused on nonfiction reading, it is great to have a recommendation for something that has more substance than shock value.