Thursday, February 16, 2012

little loved ones

How much love do we shower on our children? Here are two books that demonstrate a parent's love for a child in quite different ways.

JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE by Sally Lloyd-Jones with illustrations by Frank Endersby (Harper 2012) follows a father and son red squirrel over the course of their day. The little squirrel asks Dad constantly do you love me because...I am a good climber, I am handsome, I can find berries? Each time Dad replies that while son is good at lots of things those are not the reason he is loved. This book so reminds me of SAY IT! and would be a perfect companion to it. <65>

WHEN MY BABY DREAMS by Adele Enersen (Balzer and Bray 2012) is a photographic essay from a mother who wonders what her infant daughter dreams about. Photos show the sleeping infant riding an elephant (fashioned from a grey sweatshirt) or soaring through the air to a soft landing (hanging from clothespins on a clothesline). Fanciful illustration and wonderful text make this a good one to share with small children before bed. Sweet dreams. <66>


  1. I often wonder what my baby dreams about. What a clever way of using one's imagination.

  2. I agree, watching my baby's expressions while she sleeps is amazing. What a great idea for a book. I will have to check this one out.

  3. Just Because You're Mine sounds like a fabulous book for Father's Day:) I have started the tradition of giving my mom dad children's books for mother's & father's day and then adding a note along the lines of thanks for loving me. They love the sentimental value but they also love having books to share with their grandchildren.