Monday, February 27, 2012


FRANKENSTEIN: A MONSTROUS PARODY by Ludworst Bemonster (Feiwel and Friends, July 2012) pairs the two most unlikely stories in a mash-up: Frankenstein and Madeleine by Ludwig Bemelmans. Even the sticker you can see on the cover says: A CaldeNOT Horror Book. Older readers who know what is being parodied will love the story of twelve ugly monsters who live together in an old castle covered in spines. They wet their beds and bonk their heads and pull their teeth over the dinner table. And then one of the monsters' heads go missing. Perfect skewer, perfect parody. <80>


  1. My children will not understand the connection, but I can see them having a great time with this book.

  2. This mash-up sounds great. I loved both Madeline and Frankenstein, so personally it seems perfect. I cannot wait to get my hands on it.