Monday, August 26, 2013

A Corner of White

A CORNER OF WHITE by Jaclyn Moriarty. Scholastic 2013.

Madeline and her mother have run away from Madeleine's father and now live in an attic in England. Madeleine spends her days with two friends being homeschooled by a variety of people. She longs her the life she has left, one of privilege. One day, as she is walking home, she spies a tiny corner of white, a piece of paper sticking out of a parking meter. Curious, she pulls the paper loose and reads the note.

Meanwhile, in another world, Elliott is searching for his father who disappeared the same night Elliott's
uncle was killed by a Purple. One day he spies a corner of white sticking out of an old TV that has become part of a sculpture made by one of his friends. He pulls the page loose and reads the note.

And now Elliott and Madeleine are connected though they live in two different worlds. How their stories will come together is the adventure that forms the heart of this remarkable book. Tied firmly to the realities of family and friends, the fantasy element of marauding colors and the Butterfly Child seem as real as anything else in tis story of love and acceptance and redemption and trust and betrayal.

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