Wednesday, August 28, 2013


THE SONG OF THE QUARKBEAST by Jasper Fforde. Harcourt, September 2013.

This sequel to THE LAST DRAGONSLAYER is sure to be met with enthusiasm as the story returns to Kazam, the home of some of the world's few remaining magicians. Jennifer Strange is still doing her best to book work and keep the whole operation going. But times are still tough for magic in the land where King Snood reigns. The rival house of magic challenges the magicians of Kazam: winner will take over the control of all magic in the kingdom. Jennifer believes they can win easily, but she is not prepared for the underhandedness of Blix, now Blix the All Powerful. Humor (very tongue in cheek most of the time) abounds, and readers will learn a bit more about magic and what has happened to it in the past. Fforde's characters are idiosyncratic and richly detailed.

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