Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Animal Fare Redux

CITY CAT by Kate Banks with illustrations by Lauren Castillo. FSG, November 2013.

City cat travels
All over the world. Showing
Readers all the sights.

THE CROCODILE AND THE SCORPION by Rebecca and Ed Emberley. Roaring Brook, September 2013.

New rwist on old tale
Has moral: Promises are
Often meaningless.

DAISY GETS LOST by Chris Raschka. Schwartz and Wade, 2013.

Daisy the dog
Lost and frightened and confused.
Will someone find her?

DREAM DOG by Lou Berger and David Catrow. Schwartz and Wade, 2013.

His parents say NO
So Harry imagines one
Til his dreams come true.

EAT LIKE A BEAR by April Pully Sayre with illustrations by Steve Jenkins. Holt, September 2013.

What does a bear eat?
Follow his adventures as
He seeks it all out.

HERMAN AND ROSIE by Gus Gordon. Roaring Brook, October 2013.

Can they ever meet
When the city comes between
With all of its noise?

I'D KNOW YOU ANYWHERE, MY LOVE by Nancy Tillman. Feiwel and Friends, September 2013.

Parents reassure
Their little ones that love will
Find them no matter,

LENA'S SLEEP SHEEP by Anita Lobel. Knopf 2013.

Sometimes sheep do not
Help Lena sleep. Instead they
Keep her wide awake.

HELLO, MY NAME IS RUBY by Philip Stead. Roaring Brook, September 2013.

Ruby is trying
To find out were she belongs.
Making friends on way.

I SEE KITTY by Yasmine Surivec, Roaring Brook, September 2013.

Chloe loves kitties
And sees them everywhere now.
Will he get her own?

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