Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oddly charming

ODD DUCK by Cecil Castelucci and Sara Varon. First Second, 2013.

Chapter book meets graphic novel format in this perfect teaming of author and artist. Theodora is perfectly content being a perfectly normal duck, well except for her daily swim with a teacup balanced on her head, her affinity for salsa to go with her duck nuggets, and her preference for riding a bike into town and back to run her errands. And then, HE moves in. Chad is messy; he builds weird sculptures in the yard, and he sings off key. How can these two find anything in common? The answer is charming and warmly humorous as is the misunderstanding that threatens their friendship. Here is a book that blurs lines nicely, bringing GN to early readers in the form of a chapter book. For kids ready to move on from BabyMouse and Lunch Lady, this might be the perfect next rung on the reading ladder.

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