Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rhyme Time

Here are a handful (plus 1) of books that use poetry and rhyme in different ways. Taking piles of books like this into the classroom, reading some aloud, permitting browsing (book pass) for others, scattering them around the room, handing them to groups to read and booktalk or share in some way, using them as mentor texts for writing: books like these can fit into many different situations. And, unlike the cold dead ways that poems are presented within textbooks, perhaps using books such as these will breathe new life into poetry. Maybe kids will not sigh when the word is mentioned. Notice also that these topics for rhyme and poetry range from construction machines to animals to parodies of some familiar texts. Poetry can reach a wide audience.

SENOR PANCHO HAD A RANCHO by Rene Colato Lainez with illustrations by Elwood Smith. Holiday House, 2013.

DIGGER, DOZER, DUMPER by Hope Vestergaard with illustrations by David Slonim. Candlewick Press, 2013.

DREAM ANIMALS by Emily Winfield Martin. Random HUSE< @)!#>

DOG-GONE SCHOOL BY Amy Schmidt with illustrations (photos) by Ron Schmidt. Random House, 2013.

KING OF THE ZOO by Erica S. Perl with illustrations by Jackie Urbanovic. Orchard, 2013.

DAVID MCPHAIL MY MOTHER GOOSE by David McPhil. Roaring Brook Press, 2013.

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