Friday, August 23, 2013

Potpourri of picture books

TWENTY-SIX PIRATES: AN ALPHABET BOOK by Dave Horowitz. Nancy Paulsen Books, 2013.

A companion to the 26 Princesses alphabet book, here we meet pirates like Ulysseys, Ike, Paul and others who have their own special interest (one that happens to rhyme with their names). It might be interesting to have kids compare the two books andthen make one of their own that combines the girls and the boys into one story.

HA HA! by Jeff Mack. Chronicle Books, 2013.

Few words tell the story of a frog captured by kids at a pond. Variations of AH HA and AAHH (and one little twist toward the end) perfectly align with the illustrations to tell a story of unplanned adventure.

I AM THE WORLD by Charles R. Smith, Jr. Atheneum, 2013.

Smith's incredible photographs accompany the spare text that shows our wonderful diversity. A class study of the works of Smith (along with some others who elect to use photography as their artistic medium) would accomplish much in terms of visual literacy.

WHAT FLOATS IN A MOAT? by Lynne Berry with illustrations by Matthew Cordell. Simon and Schuster, 2013.

A humorous story provides readers with some insight into how things float (or sink as the case may be) as Archie the goat (Archimedes) and Skinny the Chicken take a barrel and attempt to make it to the drawbridge landing.

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