Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adventure? No thanks!

Oliver and Celia Navel should love a good adventure. Their parents are famed explorers. They live with their Dad at the Exclusive Explorer's Club. Their mother disappeared while searching for the lost library of Alexandria. These two should be primed for action, right? Not so. In WE ARE NOT EATEN BY YAKS by C. Alexander London (Philomel 2011), readers will meet the 11 year old twins who would rather sit and stare at the TV and enjoy reality TV than set foot outside of their residence. But events conspire to send them into the mountains of Tibet in search of their mother. Of course, they manage somehow to survive and even partly solve a mystery about the lost library and other artifacts explorers desire to find. <437>

The adventure, reluctant as it is in the eyes of our protagonists, has elements of Snicket and Dahl which makes for some funny moments, some tall tale telling, and some snide villains to say the least. Short chapters make this appealing to reluctant readers and also make it excellent for short read aloud bursts daily. An open ending promises more adventures to come for Celia and Oliver.

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