Thursday, August 11, 2011

mostly true

Jack's world has never been terribly wonderful, but it seems as though now it is coming apart at the seams. His parents are divorcing, and Jack is being sent to live with an aunt and uncle he barely knows. It is almost as if he has ceased to exist for his own parents. His new home of Hazelwood has some dark things lurking too near the surface for Jack's comfort. There are mysteries hinted at, ocrrupt leaders and businessmen, and a house that seems almost alive. <373>

Kelly Barnhill's THE MOSTLY TRUE STORY OF JACK (Little Brown 2011) reveals the mystery of Hazelwood's darn secrets one miniscule piece at a time, rather like an intricate puzzle. While there are vibes of other works ( BREADCRUMBS, WHERE THINGS COME BACK, SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES, and NOAH BARLEYWATER RUNS AWAY), it is a unique take that combines folklore, magic, and most of all LOVE to convey a story that is riveting, driving the reader ever forward to see what will happen to Jack and those he grows to love.

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