Thursday, August 4, 2011

Huge loss to YA field

William Sleator passed away Monday in his adopted country of Thailand. I had the great good fortune to meet Sleator. One of the first YA conferences I coordinated at SHSU featured Bill as a keynote speaker. Getting to have lunch and dinner with him, listening to him explain the physics behind THE BOY WHO REVERSED HIMSELF, and driging him to and from the airport was such an honor and a joy. I will mis his books the most. HOUSE OF STAIRS was one of the first books I read for my YA lit class (thanks, Dick, for requiring it). It is one that still haunts me. A new book from Sleator was always something to be savored. Alas, there will be just one more, out in October from Abrams, THE PHANTOM LIMB. Here are just a few of his stellar books.

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