Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pause for picture books

THE THREE ARMADILLIES TUFF by Jackie Mims Hopkins with illustrations by S. G. Brooks (Peachtree 2011) is, of course, a variant of the Three Billygoats Tough. Three armadillos, sisters, use a culvert to cross a busy highway and reach the dance hall. Along the way, each of them runs into a mangy coyote who wishes to eat them. There is a nice twist in this humorous reenvisioning of the classic tale. <438>

Myron Uhlberg's A STORM CALLED KATRINA (Peachtree 2011) is the story of a young boy who, along with his parents, flees from his house as the flood waters of Katrina threaten. They head to the Superdome where the situation is grim. Ten year old Louis' prized possession, his brass cornet, helps him find his father amidst all of the evacuees. <439>

Father Ghost tells his children some scary stories in THE HAUNTED HAMBURGER AND OTHER GHOSTLY STORIES by David LaRochelle with illustrations by Paul Meisel (Dutton 2011). The cover should provide readers with a clue that the contents may be more funny than spooky. <440>

DREAM SOMETHING BIG by Dianna Hutts Aston with collage illustrations by Susan L. Roth (Dial 2011) is the story of folk artist Simon Rodia known in his neighborhood as Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam collected bits and pieces of what others discarded to create towering sculptures in Watts, California. <441>

Electron-scanning microscope pictures of bugs provide readers with a close up look at all sorts of bugs in BUG SHOT: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE BUGLY by Alexandra Say and Dennis Kunkel (Holiday House 2011). Be prepared for kids to want to sit and simply stare at the photos over and over again. <442>

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