Saturday, August 6, 2011

in a pickle about Frankie

During the August #titletalk, a monthly Twitter chat hosted by @Donalynbooks and @MrPaulWHankins, guest "speaker" @MrSchuReads mentioned the Frankie Pickle series. I immediately pulled one from the newly arrived box of books from Somon and Schuster to bring home to read. During the triple digit afternoon, I read Frankie (and a few other books). I LOVE FRANKIE PICKLE. In FRANKIE PICKLE AND THE MATHEMATICAL MENACE by Eric Wright (Simon and Schuster 2011), Frankie fails a math quiz. He spends time doodling monsters from the numbers and not solving the problems. His teacher, bless her, offers to let Frankie retake the test Monday. He has the weekend to study. Time flies and Frankie does not get in the studying he had intended. Instead he has helped his Dad cook and done other activities that, lo and behold, are hekping him "get" math. Great read aloud for math teachers, here. <368>

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