Wednesday, August 10, 2011


In CHOKER by Elizabeth Woods (Simon and Schuster 2011), main character Cara Lange feels invisible in her school even though she is on the track team. She sits with others at lunch, but no one really talks to her. The only attention she receives is unwanted as mean girl Alexis manages to bully her even calling her "choker" when Cara chokes on a piece of carrot one day at lunch and is rescued by Ethan, Alexis' on-again off-again boyfriend. To make matters worse, Alexis' best friend lives next door. The torment never seems to end. And then one particularly nad day, Cara arrives home to see her old friend Zoe from the old neighborhood perched on her bed asking Cara to let her hide out there for a while. Cara is thrilled to have her best friend back, especially when Zoe helps her out with a cool new haircut and some fashio advice. Then, there are two accidents and Alexis and one of her friends are foud dead. Has Zoe gone too far to help her friend> <372>

Kids will love this psychological thriller. What has really happened to Alexis and her friend? Is Zoe to blame? Lots of twists and turns here to satisfy readers.

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