Friday, August 12, 2011

A plethora of picture books

Here are the picture books for this week.

WHEELS ON THE BUS by Jane Cabrera takes a bus load of animals around the zoo complete with animal sounds and actions. Kids will love reading along and acting this one out. (Holiday House 2011). <374>

Kate Banks perfectly conveys the unbridled excitement about the arrival of a new baby. Will it be a brother or sister? Lovely rhyme and repetition make this a good read aloud. Illustrations by Gabi Swiatkowska are a perfect complement to the text. (FSG 2011). <375

David Adler provides THE STORY OF HANUKKAH for young readers with the story of how the miracle of oil burning for 8 days became the basis for the celebration of Hanukkah. A recipe for potato latkes and information about playing with the dreidel are also included. (Holiday House 2011) <376>

THE SNOW BLEW INN by Dian Curtis Regan is the story of an inn that is welcoming travelers in from a blizzard. A young cat is waiting for her friend to arrive so they can have a sleepover, but she is delayed apparently. In the meantime, the inn fills to capacity and beyond. <377>

Eve Bunting crates a story to reassure children that a mother's love is constant in PIRATE BOY (Holiday House 2011). A mother pledges to rescue her child no matter what. Pair this one with MAMA DO YOU LOVE ME? <378>

ORANI, MY FATHER'S VILLAGE (FSG 2011) is Claire Nivola's homage to the place her father was born. Each summer the family would travel to Orani for a time of adventure and family and fun. The importance of heritage and family is beautifully portrayed in the text and illustrations. <379>

Algebra for elementary school? David Adler gives it a go in MYSTERY MATH: A FIRST BOOK OF ALGEBRA (Holiday House 2011) as he explains equations (they are like sentences and have to be balanced on both sides) and variables. Examples use skeletons and other creatures. Older algebra students might find this useful as well. <380>

THE LOST AND FOUND PONY by Tracey Dockray (Feiwel and Friends 2011) tells of a pony separated from his owner when she grows too big to ride him. Eventually the two are reunited in this wonderful story of caring and friendship. <381>

The classic tale of JACK AND THE BEANSTALK gets a decidedly contemporary makeover with the photographic illustrations of Nina Crews (Holt 2011). Watch out for the twist at the end. <382>

Shelly Rotner and Sheila Kelly provide photos of an array of children in I'M ADOPTED, a nonfiction book (Holiday House 2011) about the adoption process and some of the reasons people adopt children. <383>

Halloween proves a wild ride for a young mouse in HAUNTED HOUSE, HAUNTED MOUSE by Judy Cox (Holiday House). The adventurous mouse goes for a ride in the treat bag of a young child and eats his fill of candy before falling out of the bag and getting lost. How will he find his way home? <384>

Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve tells a story from her childhood in THE CHRISTMAS COAT (Holiday House 2011). Virginia needs a new winter coat but has to wait for the boxes to arrive from THEAST (the East) and hope there is one in her size. As the daughter of the preacher, she has to wait until all the other children have been clothed. There is sometimes little left for her. Pair this with THE RAG COAT for an interesting comparison. <385>

BONE DOG by Eric Rohman (Roaring Brook 2011) is the story of a boy and his dog, a dog who makes a promise under the full moon to be there for her owner. One Halloween evening, the bone dog comes to his rescue. Touching look at a relationship that transcends loss. Humor, pathos, and so much more exist simultaneously in this touching picture book. <386>

Here is another variation of the wheels on the bus with a cast of babies. THE BABIES ON THE BUS by Karen Katz (Holt 2011) will be fun to read and then sing along. <387>

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