Friday, August 5, 2011

new middle grade series for girls

Marissa Moss' new series, DAPHNE'S DAIRY OF DAILY DISASTERS (Simon and Schuster 2011), could be labeled as the female counterpart of DIARY OF A WIMPY KID. But they are not derivative in the least. Meet Daphne, sister to five year old twins indistinguishable only because one has a constant snot bubble, brand new 4th grader, and victim of daily disasters. In her journal she recounts an awful disaster. In THE NAME GAME, her new teacher mistakenly calls her Daffy on the first day and, predictably, the nickname sticks. In THE VAMPIRE DARE, Daphne's attempts to come to school on Halloween as a cool vampire backfire. The books are short and funny and, more importantly, so in touch with what it is like to be a kid who is trying to be cool and fit on and does not always succeed. And did I mention that, like her Amelia Rye series, the books resemble diaries? <366 and 367>

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