Sunday, August 7, 2011

hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned

Hail HERA, THE GODDESS AND HER GLORY from George O'Connor (First Second Books 2011). This GN about Hera and Heracles brings to life so many of the myths that surround both Hera and Heracles in a way no textbook ever has. Part of THE OLYMPIANS series, this full color GN opens with Zeus pursuing the lovely Hera and asking her to be his queen. She eventually consents but only when Zeus agrees to marry her as well. And, of course, that is when the trouble all begins. Zeus is unfaithful and Hera will exact her revenge for his indiscretions. The GN, while faithful to the myths we know and love, reads more like an action/adventure story with duels and monsters, and happy endings, too. I cannot imagine a better way to bring readers to a love of the myths of the gods and goddesses than this series. O'Connor's website: is also a treasure trove for readers and for teachers looking to bring a love of mythology to kids. <369>

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