Thursday, August 4, 2011

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Why this book cover? I posted a tweet this week about the resident of the back bedroom, my soon-to-be-college freshman granddaughter. She was struggling to read the book selected for the freshman to read this year (I think this is the fourth year the univesity has done this. She was complaining loudly that the book was "boring!" Keep in mind that she is my "naked reader" and has plowed through all of her required books in high school including the deadly canon. But now she was rather put out that this was a book she had to read and it was not about anything that related to her and, in her estimation, it was not well-written either.

I have written extensively about the importance of books and reading and motivation. In the past I had limited my discussion to grades 4-12. Now, it appears, I need to broaden my focus to include at least college freshman and the latest trend to make them all read the same book. Perhaps if all the faculty had to read the same book first and participate in the "activities" it might make the committee stop and think that there is no "one book fits all," no one book that will appeal to all readers.

For instance, my better half thinks the book assigned actually sounds interesting. Of course he does: it is right up his alley in terms of his reading preferences. I would prefer not to read it as I have read a couple of children's and YA books about the same topic and found them wonderful. I wonder about the several hundred new students coming to the university having to read this selection and how many will instead opt for the study guide (I checked, and there is one available through Amazon)? I would have at that age.

Why do we continue to practice BAD literacy strategies such as this?

BTW, the resident will read the book eventually. She is one of THOSE students. It does not matter if she hates the book, she will dutifully read it. I just wish they would let her select a book to bring to class and present.

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